The finalists for 2014's Sony World Photography Awards are outstanding

Earlier this week, the World Photography Organisation unveiled the finalists for the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards. The images were selected from 139,544 submissions by photographers in 166 countries (the highest number of entries in the awards' seven-year history), and they are characteristically superb. »2/08/14 1:00pm2/08/14 1:00pm


Ethereal photos of the spirit that haunts Russia's underwater crystal cave

Ordinskaya Cave (also called "Orda Cave"), located near the Russian city of Perm, is the world's largest underwater gypsum cave, its rich mineral walls lending the cavern an otherworldly beauty that is perfect for a supernatural scene. Photographer Viktor Lyagushkin and PHOTOTEAM.PRO tapped freediver Natalia Avseenko… »12/30/12 6:00pm12/30/12 6:00pm