Vin Diesel Just Told Us Who Is Directing the Extreme Sports Spy Sequel XXX 3

Vin Diesel is an incredibly busy guy. He’s got The Last Witch Hunter coming out this month; a director just signed for Fast and Furious 8, and he’s long teased a return to the world of XXX, too. We recently spoke to Diesel about all those things and he offered up some new, exclusive, information. »10/10/15 1:50pm10/10/15 1:50pm

Take That, Ice Cube! Vin Diesel Confirms He's Making a New xXx Movie

Before Fast and Furious turned into one of the biggest franchises in the world, people though of Vin Diesel of a man of three franchises. Fast and Furious, of course, Pitch Black and xXx. Even though Diesel only showed up in the first xXx film, he long said he’d return to the spy-fi series. Now he will. »8/24/15 4:00pm8/24/15 4:00pm

Vin Diesel's Fake Beard Steals The Show in the Last Witch-Hunter Trailer

There’s a lot of silly fun going on, in this first look at The Last Witch Hunter—a movie where immortal Vin Diesel teams up with Rose Leslie and Elijah Wood to kill Witches and skeletal monsters. But seriously, the real highlight is his glorious, glorious beard in all the sequences set in the past. Look at it. »8/06/15 5:14pm8/06/15 5:14pm

Watch Vin Diesel Proclaim "I Am Groot" In A Variety Of Languages

When Guardians of the Galaxy is released in other countries, the other Guardians may be dubbed by other actors, but not Groot. This video shows Vin Diesel recording Groot's lines — er, line — in several different languages for international releases. Want to know how to say "I am Groot" in Russian? Just watch. »7/31/14 9:41am7/31/14 9:41am

Glenn Close and Vin Diesel's Guardians of the Galaxy roles[Correction]

Big Guardians of the Galaxy news: That's the first pic of legendary thespian Glenn Close covered in crazy face make-up as Nova Prime above, and it seems Vin Diesel has finally revealed his secret Marvel movie role — as the voice of the alien Groot. [Update: Apparently that is not Glenn Close, she was misidentified by… »8/12/13 10:20am8/12/13 10:20am

Riddick director explains how the Necromonger King gets dethroned

How the hell does Riddick manage to screw up his sweet gig as Lord Marshall King Necromonger? How does Riddick fall so far, so fast, to end up on a deserted planet, alone? We asked director David Twohy everything we wanted to know about the new Riddick movie, and he told us a ton. Massive spoilers ahead... »8/07/13 3:10pm8/07/13 3:10pm

Riddick has never been more terrifying than in this bloody new trailer

Holy shit. Not only is this incredibly R-rated new trailer for Riddick delightfully violent, it's also genuinely scary. It's like a blood-soaked reminder that "Hey, sure Riddick was kind of the hero of the last movie, but you might want to remember he's also an amoral killing machine who is very, very good at his job." »7/19/13 6:00pm7/19/13 6:00pm