John Cleese Explains Why The Compaq II Is Better Than A Dead Fish

Let's see, to begin with, the fish weighed 22 pounds. So did the Compaq Portable II »11/10/08 3:46pm11/10/08 3:46pm computer (in retrospect, perhaps "luggable" is more accurate). Here, in a British commercial from 1986 or so, former Python John Cleese lays out the rest of the argument for the computer's superiority - including its big 4.2 megabytes…


Lonely Computer Begs Uninterested Public to "Touch Me" in 1983

I had no idea that there was a personal computer with a touchscreen on the market twenty-five years ago, but indeed there was: the HP-150 from Hewlett Packard (also the first computer to use the rigid 3.5” diskette »8/12/08 4:00pm8/12/08 4:00pm). While not a "true" touchscreen (), it's still jarring to see a feature that seems so modern set in a…

Training for the Automated Office of Tomorrow—Today! 1984

Learn how in a mere 24 weeks you can become a word-processing secretary using all the latest computer technology in this 1984 ad for MBTI (Manpower Business Training Institute) featuring Voice of the Milwaukee Bucks, Eddie Doucette. I left Milwaukee a year later—and with no training at all was soon using a computer… »5/01/08 4:22pm5/01/08 4:22pm