Inside the Fakes Factory: My Chat With a Viral Image Creator

It's an astounding sight: Buddha carved into a tall rock formation at the Ngyen Khag Taktsang Monastery in China. People talked breathlessly about how they visited the place, saw it with their own eyes. Except that they didn't. Because it's a fake. And this is the guy who faked it. » 2/04/14 4:43pm 2/04/14 4:43pm

Has the first viral marketing for The Dark Knight Rises revealed the…

It's been many years since the infamous "Why So Serious" and "I Believe in Harvey Dent" Dark Knight virals that had fans running all over America to attend secret clip screenings, and papered the streets with Gotham paraphernalia. Now, at last, it's time to dust off your Christian Bale whisper-scream, because The… » 12/08/11 7:40am 12/08/11 7:40am