Famous robots come out of the woodwork in new GE ad, including our…

Remember all those weird and seemingly inexplicable robot sightings we reported on last month? As suspected, it was all part of an elaborate viral marketing campaign — we just weren't sure who was behind it. As it turns out, it was General Electric, who has now released a television commercial in support of this… » 12/17/12 9:20am 12/17/12 9:20am

Rainn Wilson's version of Unsolved Mysteries will make you wish it was…

Remember Xanthony O'Harbinger, Rainn Wilson's Hugo Award-winning alter ego with Asimov's sideburns? As a promotion for the fantasy novel Wildwood, O'Harbinger has lent his considerable surliness to Riddles of the Paranormal, a TV program that exposes such mysteries "involuntary invisibility" and "fluoride." » 10/11/11 8:45am 10/11/11 8:45am

Why is Rainn Wilson pretending to be a pissed-off fantasy author?

Viral marketing can be pretty obnoxious, but Rainn Wilson yelling nonsense about the Dragonsingers and hungry forests is a case study in how to do it right. Superstar commenter 99TelepodProblems has brought this to our attention. Searching for "Xanthony O'Harbinger" brings up a solitary photo on Wilson's Facebook page,… » 9/27/11 5:45pm 9/27/11 5:45pm

Is the Louisiana forest monster Super 8 viral marketing?

Remember yesterday's creeptastic news report about a ghoul shambling through the Louisiana woods? Bad news, cryptid fans — this creature is now being pegged as some extraterrestrial horror from the Steven Spielberg-produced and J.J. Abrams-directed alien flick Super 8. » 12/11/10 7:05am 12/11/10 7:05am