Virgin Galactic says it's on track to begin tours of space in 2014

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo underwent its second successful rocket-powered test flight yesterday, demonstrating its "wing-feathering" capabilities for the first time. In a video announcement released soon thereafter, Virgin CEO Richard Branson stated the company is "on track for a 2014 start of commercial service."… » 9/06/13 6:20am 9/06/13 6:20am

Virgin Galactic's tourism spaceship, making its first flight with crew

Here's Virgin Galactic's SpaceShip Two cruising over the Mojave Desert last Thursday. The VSS Enterprise spacecraft didn't travel into suborbital space but stayed affixed to its mothership. Virgin's planned price for a few minutes of suborbital views? $200,000. » 7/17/10 8:30am 7/17/10 8:30am

Why Aren't You Building Your Own UFO Yet?

Do you know why Richard Branson was in such a hurry to unveil SpaceShipTwo last week? It's not because he loves cool toys — it's because he was worried an inventor who's created a personal UFO would steal his thunder. » 12/14/09 12:40pm 12/14/09 12:40pm

Virgin To Take Passenger Luggage To A New Level

For those who felt that Virgin Galactic's plan of passenger spaceflight fell down due to the lack of provision for satellites, relief is at hand: The company has announced that they will be adding private satellite launches to their offerings. » 10/13/09 7:40am 10/13/09 7:40am

Please Help Us Send Google To Mars

If only today's announcement from Google and Virgin were true. Supposedly Google and Virgin Inc. are teaming up to create Virgle, a scheme to settle Mars by about 2015, possibly because Mars is the last place Google can keep its server farms the right temperature. In this video, Google founders Sergey and Larry ask… » 4/01/08 11:14am 4/01/08 11:14am