A second child may have been cured of HIV

Last March, Mississippi doctors announced that early and aggressive treatment of an HIV-positive newborn had cured the child of her infection. Today, Los Angeles doctors reported that a second child may have been cured by a similar course of treatment, and could help prove that the Mississippi child's recovery was more … » 3/05/14 4:04pm 3/05/14 4:04pm

The Semmelweis Reflex explains why people reject the new

Do people reflexively fear the new? They seem to reject it often enough that there's a psychological syndrome to explain it. The Semmelweis Reflex is named after a guy who came up with a radical idea that could have saved thousands of lives — only to see everyone reject it and continue with the killing. » 10/25/13 6:40am 10/25/13 6:40am

Geneticists Use Herpes to Confirm Ancient Human Migration Routes

Who needs archaeological evidence when you can study the spread of cold sores? By analyzing the full genetic code of the all-too-familiar HSV-1 herpes virus, biologists have confirmed a long held theory of ancient human migration routes, namely the “out-of-Africa” hypothesis. » 10/22/13 8:00am 10/22/13 8:00am

A Most Unusual Weapon in the Fight Against HIV: Foot Cream

Ever heard of Ciclopirox? A commonly prescribed treatment for nail fungus, you could have a tube of the stuff in your medicine cabinet right now. Now, in a study recounted in the latest issue of PLOS ONE, researchers demonstrate that the antifungal agent can reactivate the same cell-death pathways that HIV turns off,… » 9/25/13 1:04pm 9/25/13 1:04pm

Great, the effects of toxoplasma are harder to fix than we thought

Toxoplasma gondii is a brain parasite that makes mice lose their instinctive fear of cats and may lead to schizophrenia in humans. Scientists think that the parasite works by inflaming the brain or by creating cysts. But it now appears that Toxoplasma is doing something far more insidious — and permanent — to the… » 9/18/13 2:00pm 9/18/13 2:00pm

Why is ebola deadlier than other viruses?

Ebola is the nightmare virus. It kills ninety percent of people infected, and was for some time feared as the second coming of the plagues of the 1400s. Why is this one virus so much more deadly than other viruses? » 8/29/13 11:08am 8/29/13 11:08am

Scientists combine bird and swine flus to create mutant airborne virus

Researchers in China have created a batch of designer viruses by selectively combining genes from the H5N1 bird flu virus with those of the H1N1 swine flu strain. This reassortment process — which can happen naturally in nature — resulted in several hybridized strains that were able spread through the air and infect… » 5/06/13 2:20pm 5/06/13 2:20pm

Doctors have cured a baby with HIV — here's what comes next

Yesterday, doctors announced that a Mississippi-born child, now two and half years old, has been effectively cured of HIV. If confirmed, this unprecedented case will be remembered as one of modern medicine's most groundbreaking achievements — but what do we do now? With over 300,000 HIV+ children born every year, where … » 3/04/13 12:02pm 3/04/13 12:02pm

Science retracts controversial Chronic Fatigue Syndrome study without…

A scientific controversy of operatic proportions has reached a significant turning point today. The drama kicked off in 2009, with a publication in Science that reported a startling link between chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and a virus called XMRV. But today, following a partial retraction issued back in September, » 12/22/11 11:05am 12/22/11 11:05am