Is Second Life About to Become a Ghost World?

Second Life, one of the most hyped virtual worlds in history, is heading towards ghost town status. Intrepid tech reporter Wagner James Au broke the story over the weekend, noting that Second Life makers Linden Lab are at work on a top-secret new virtual world. » 6/24/14 11:33am 6/24/14 11:33am

How will humans cope with boredom on their first missions to Mars?

A human mission to Mars will last more than 8 months, each way. Ship quarters will be sardine-esque. Communications will be laggy and intermittent. And, despite the thrilling nature of the larger mission, astronauts en route to the Red Planet will likely struggle with psyche-crushing boredom. So how might an astronaut… » 7/18/13 7:40am 7/18/13 7:40am

90-Year-Old Woman Tries Out Oculus Rift VR Headset, Is Adorable

The more we hear about Oculus Rift, the more excited we get about it. The virtual reality headset probably won't hit shelves til 2014, but developer's kits started shipping earlier this month. Here, YouTube user Paul Rivot lets his 90-year-old grandma take the setup out for a spin. First stop: Tuscany. » 4/15/13 8:20am 4/15/13 8:20am

Video games help the blind navigate new environments

When most of us get lost in unfamiliar territory – a hotel, for example – we consult a map to orient ourselves. But for the blind it's not so easy. With this in mind, researchers have developed a virtual gaming platform that uses other sensory cues to help blind individuals develop mental maps of new surroundings… » 3/27/13 7:20am 3/27/13 7:20am

That time Michigan J. Frog mated with a headcrab and gave birth to…

Feast your eyes and ears on Michigan J. Protocol, a brief but excellent Half-Life/Michigan J. Frog mashup created by The Steam Community's Zachariah. » 9/17/12 1:20pm 9/17/12 1:20pm

World of Warcraft's "Leeroy Jenkins" meme, reimagined as a heist film

Even if you have only a passing familiarity with the massive multiplayer online game World of Warcraft, you're probably aware of "Leeroy Jenkins," a comedy sketch/meme/recreation of real events about an oblivious player who dooms his teammates charging into a battle (video here, watch this first if you've never seen… » 5/29/12 7:30am 5/29/12 7:30am

A virtual Morrissey is on the loose in Google Earth

If you use Google Earth to look up the Salfords Lads Club in Manchester, England, you'll find a famously coiffed squatter in this virtual world. Punch in "St Ignatius Walk, M5 3RX" on 3D Buildings mode and you'll see a pixelated incarnation of Morrissey, The Smiths' loud-mouthed pontificator, forever standing smugly. » 1/02/12 6:40am 1/02/12 6:40am

Real-Life Inception: Army looks to "counteract nightmares" with digital…

A soldier tries to sleep. But he is not safe in his dreams. Jolted awake by a nightmare, the combat veteran fumbles in the dark for his 3-D glasses. » 10/22/11 1:45pm 10/22/11 1:45pm

A conversation with Nate Simpson of Nonplayer, one of the most gorgeous…

In the first issue of Nate Simpson's comic book debut Nonplayer, a futuristic, massively multiplayer online game called Warriors of Jarvath may be developing a mind of its own. io9 recently spoke with Simpson about creating this stunning virtual realm. » 4/26/11 2:05pm 4/26/11 2:05pm

Real police investigate theft of virtual furniture

Users of the virtual world Habbo Hotel have engaged the Finnish police to look into 400 cases of theft, with some customers reporting up to 1000 euros worth of "furniture" stolen. » 6/02/10 1:00pm 6/02/10 1:00pm

Long Before Virtuality, Another Star Trek Alum Tried To Get Edgy With…

Melinda Snodgrass is best known for writing the Star Trek episode where Data's personhood gets put on trial. But in the mid-1990s, she created Star Command, which took Trek's holodeck much, much further. Just check out this holo-torture sequence. Edgy! » 6/30/09 10:16pm 6/30/09 10:16pm

How Is Virtuality Different Than Star Trek's Holodeck?

When we got a chance to take part in a conference call with Ronald D. Moore about Virtuality, there was only one question we wanted to ask him: How is this new show different from Star Trek's holodeck episodes? » 6/11/09 4:00pm 6/11/09 4:00pm

Win Fame and Prizes in Our Scifi Sims Contest

With The Sims 3 hitting the shelves, it's time to take your avatars to the place they've always belonged: outer space. Or maybe inner space. We want you to turn your Sims games into science fiction masterpieces and win prizes. » 6/09/09 4:37pm 6/09/09 4:37pm

Discover The Secrets Of Ron Moore's 10-Year Space Probe

Ronald D. Moore's long-awaited Virtuality airs June 26, and we've got exclusive concept art showing the inner workings of the deep-space probe Phaeton and its various modules — including a super-detailed diagram explaining the physics of the ship. » 6/09/09 3:22pm 6/09/09 3:22pm

Scientists Create Method Of Uploading Your Entire Body To A Computer

Not simply content with developing technology to one day allow you to upload your brain, scientists are working to upload and re-create your entire anatomy into a computer. Who needs this "real life" stuff, anyway? » 6/09/09 1:47pm 6/09/09 1:47pm

Virtual Resurrection: The Dead Who Went To Cyber-Heaven

Is there life after death? Maybe, if you're wired. After all, death is just a failure of storage media. Science fiction is full of people who've died in meatspace, only to live on in cyberspace. Here's our inventory of cyber-Heaven. » 6/07/09 3:00pm 6/07/09 3:00pm

6 More Heroes Who Might Still Be Trapped In Virtual Reality

Yesterday, we looked at six characters who seemingly managed to escape virtual prisons. Now, we'll make it an even dozen as we examine another sextet of science fiction heroes that may or may not still be stuck inside their own minds. Spoilers! » 6/06/09 2:00pm 6/06/09 2:00pm

Get Away From It All By Traveling The Multiverse

As summer brings thoughts of vacation, why not consider stopping off on one of the many Parallel Earths of science fiction? There's an infinite number of possibilities available to you - and here are some of our favorites. » 6/06/09 12:00pm 6/06/09 12:00pm

Travel Inside The Horrifying Mind Of A Cyborg Killer, In "Offline"

A rogue scientist goes inside the mind of a cyber-soldier to try and reprogram him and redeem his humanity, in the independent film Offline, from director Matthew Santoro. The trailer, featuring stark dystopian visuals and nightmarish distortions, is below. » 6/05/09 5:00pm 6/05/09 5:00pm

6 Characters Who Escaped Virtual Prisons... Or Did They?

It's the ultimate test for any hero: finding yourself trapped in a prison of the mind, where you can no longer tell the difference between reality and falsehood. Here are six science-fiction heroes who escaped from virtual reality...probably. Spoilers ahead! » 6/05/09 2:07pm 6/05/09 2:07pm