​You are not ready for The Visitor, Italy's most insane scifi movie

A young girl with telekinetic powers. A war between good and evil. The fight to give the girl a brother to mate with. And blond Jesus Christ. These are just a few of the elements that make Giulio Paradisi's 1979 movie The Visitor the "Mount Everest of insane '70s Italian movies," coming out this week on DVD! »3/03/14 5:40pm3/03/14 5:40pm


Exclusive clip from the most baffling movie we've ever seen The Visitor

Wow, The Visitor is just so messed up. Imagine every freaky moment from every popular 1970s scifi film — then combine all those moments and have them acted out by bald alien children wearing cream. Now add a falcon. That's The Visitor, kind of. And we have an exclusive clip from the movie's new remastered re-release.… »11/07/13 6:40pm11/07/13 6:40pm

Quite possibly the most demented movie of the 1970s getting a reissue

Check out this trailer for 1979's The Visitor, in which legendary director John Huston plays an interstellar hero trying to keep a demonic eight-year-old girl from marrying her baby brother and unleashing a space menace. This milestone in WTFery is getting a fancy new reissue from the Alamo Drafthouse. »6/20/13 8:30pm6/20/13 8:30pm