Why good bests evil in Middle Earth: Evil has a Vitamin D deficiency

Why is it that the plucky Hobbit Bilbo Baggins triumph again and again over the likes of Gollum, the goblins, spiders, and Smaug? A cheeky medical paper suggests that good characters have an advantage over evil ones in Tolkien's world because good characters spend more time in the sun and absorb more Vitamin D. » 12/22/13 2:00pm 12/22/13 2:00pm

Vitamin D could cure your depression — but also make you miserable

Vitamin D could be a miracle worker, when it comes to treating some of the most common ailments that afflict Americans, such as depression and diabetes. But it could also cause some serious problems, if you get too much of it. » 6/28/12 6:20am 6/28/12 6:20am