Vitamins and Herbal Supplements Are Sending 23,000 Americans to the Hospital a Year

A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine took a look at a decade’s worth of U.S. hospital admission data and found that over 23,0000 visits a year are actually due to substances people are taking to, theoretically, improve their health: vitamins and herbal supplements. »10/15/15 3:00pm10/15/15 3:00pm


Scientists say vitamins and minerals are "a waste of money"

Americans spend more than $20 billion a year on supplements in hopes of staving off cancer, heart disease, and dementia. Trouble is, the latest research shows they provide no benefit — and they may even be hazardous to our health. But given our nutrient-deprived diets, should we really stop taking these pills… »12/17/13 3:42pm12/17/13 3:42pm

In 1941, jai alai-loving hillbillies were America's future weapon against Hitler

In Captain America, a patriotic beanpole is buffed up with super-steroids and battles the Third Reich using his unconventional star-spangled shield. The following article from the December 1941 issue of the science and engineering magazine Mechanix Illustrated foresaw a similar destiny for real soldiers. »4/17/12 1:55pm4/17/12 1:55pm