That Wizard Came From The Moon: A defence of Peter Dinklage in Destiny

You might have heard a few rumblings on the internet during Destiny's Alpha weekend recently that Peter Dinklage's performance in the game is... well, not exactly Tyrion Lannister. But, having spent some time playing the game myself, I think Dinklage is shaping up to be a cool companion on your Guardian's adventure. »6/18/14 10:04am6/18/14 10:04am

Genre Actors with Impressive Second Careers in Voice Acting

There's something really satisfying about blowing a friend's mind by identifying a voice in cartoon. For example, how many of us discovered really late in life that Jerry Orbach wasn't just Lenny Briscoe in Law and Order, but was also Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast? Here is a list of genre actors to listen for. »11/03/13 12:00pm11/03/13 12:00pm

Troy Baker acing The Joker's Killing Joke monologue at NYCC

Although he's already wowed as both Booker DeWitt and Joel Miller this year, a lot of people had concerns about Troy Baker taking over from the esteemed legend that is Mark Hamill as The Joker for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins. At the game's NYCC panel, he decided to ease those concerns in a rather novel way. »10/13/13 12:25pm10/13/13 12:25pm