What Giant Scene Will We see When Game of Thrones Returns April 12th?

Edward James Olmos joins the cast of Agents of SHIELD, Viola Davis is fully on board with playing Amanda Waller, and Michael Chiklis wants to return to American Horror Story for another season. Plus, the cast and crew react to the big event of this week's Person of Interest and hint that there might be more than what… »1/09/15 9:00am1/09/15 9:00am

Study says voters prefer deep-voiced politicians. Also, Barry White was the god king of the human race.

Can a candidate ride a throbbing bass voice to electoral victory? According to a new study from Duke University and the University of Miami, humans — in the absence of candidates' appearances, parties, and policy positions — prefer their politicians with lower voices. The sample for this study came from a pool of… »3/14/12 3:35pm3/14/12 3:35pm