New Type of Volcanic Eruption Produces Globs of Floating Molten Foam

A recent paper published in Nature Geoscience has proposed the existence of an entirely new kind of volcanic eruption, which geologists are now calling a 'tangaroan' eruption. Rather than being either explosive or effusive, this newly documented type of eruption involves the slow release of magma that generates a… »1/23/13 1:53pm1/23/13 1:53pm

Watching this scientist sample lava from an active volcano will make your heart race

When I read that the video featured here was intense, I was skeptical. One of my biggest gripes about "reality" television programs (and, to a lesser extent, documentaries) is how they often use music and stylized camerawork to imbue relatively innocuous situations with a sense of urgency, tension or danger (see:… »6/08/12 7:24pm6/08/12 7:24pm