30 teachers + 1 reduced-gravity aircraft + 2000 ping pong balls =…

Watch this. Watch it and tell me that it doesn't look like fun — that you don't want anything more than to ride aboard a ping-pong-ball-filled 727 (aka a "vomit comet") while it flies along a parabolic flight path (thereby simulating weightlessness) with thirty other people. That's right. You can't. » 12/13/12 3:42pm 12/13/12 3:42pm

Space Chic: Artist Will Paint in Zero Gravity

For his new project "Life in Space," artist Nasser Azam plans to paint aboard a "vomit comet"-style airplane ride while in zero-g 23,000 feet in the air. During the twenty-second intervals of weightlessness he plans to complete several large paintings, and he'll be outfitted in a designer jumpsuit put together by … » 7/09/08 9:13am 7/09/08 9:13am

Dancing in Zero Gravity to New Age Music Will Help Us Evolve

Today a 727 "Vomit Comet" lifted off from Las Vegas in order to film a scene of a woman dancing in zero gravity for an upcoming science fiction film called Stardance. Filmmaker Jeanne Robinson (choreographer and wife of scifi writer Spider Robinson) won the trip after showing this astonishingly bad preview video at… » 12/31/07 11:00am 12/31/07 11:00am