Must Watch: Ursula Le Guin and other authors discussing science fiction

The made-for-cable-TV show Science Fiction Conversations features the involvement of an amazing bunch of science fiction authors. Vonda McIntyre directed the episodes. Nisi Shawl and Eileen Gunn hosted the show. And the authors interviewed included Ursula K. Le Guin, Hiromi Goto and Gunn herself. Fortunately, three… »1/20/12 12:46pm1/20/12 12:46pm

A political science fiction story from Vonda McIntyre that's sure to make you squirm

We already live in a world where corporations are regarded as legal persons — but what happens if corporate personhood becomes more valid than that of organic beings? That's the provocative premise of a new story by Vonda N. McIntyre, called simply "Supreme Court of the United States Defines Personhood." »10/18/11 7:20pm10/18/11 7:20pm