Cast Your Vote For the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories of 2013

Every year, the science fiction and fantasy trade journal Locus asks the public to select from its editors' picks for the best science fiction and fantasy of the previous year (or write in your own nominations). The ballot for the 43rd Annual Awards is now open online – go cast your vote! » 4/13/14 2:30pm 4/13/14 2:30pm

Vote for the best science fiction and fantasy stories of the 20th and…

Which books and stories are the greatest works of science fiction of the past 112 years? Now is the time for the ultimate decision. Locus Magazine is having a monster poll to decide the best science fiction and fantasy novels, novellas, novelettes and stories of the 20th and 21st centuries! Use this great power… » 11/29/12 12:21pm 11/29/12 12:21pm

Will your ballot still be secret in 2020?

Now that the dust has settled on the 2012 election, it's time to look forward — to the election of 2020. Fox News talked to a bunch of futurists about what elections are likely to look like eight years from now, including the idea of receiving your ballot via the Internet. The most interesting comments pretty much… » 11/07/12 4:07pm 11/07/12 4:07pm

The worst scientific theories about why you vote

There are a zillion studies about why and how people vote that are depressing, because they reveal just how arbitrary our choices can be. How you vote is affected by where your polling place is, the time of day when you vote, what people said to you in the days leading up to the election, and of course your cultural… » 11/06/12 4:00pm 11/06/12 4:00pm

How Bender Bending Rodriguez was elected head of the Washington school…

In 2010, the Washington, DC, election board set up an electronic voting system to collect absentee ballots. But a few weeks before the election, the system was flooded with votes for the hard-drinking, grave-robbing robot Bender for school board head. So who launched this plot to put a robot in charge of our… » 3/03/12 7:30am 3/03/12 7:30am

Voting is so stressful that it can actually trigger hormone changes

Voting isn't generally seen as the most enjoyable activity, but this is really taking things to a whole new level: voting actually causes a significant increase in the levels of cortisol, a hormone the body uses to deal with stress. » 7/05/11 1:01pm 7/05/11 1:01pm

A live, updating list of problems voters have had with voting in 2010

Our Vote Live is a website where the Election Protection Coalition logs every complaint or problem that people report with voting, from finding their polling place to operating weird voting machines. It's fascinating to watch all the problems roll in. Already, there are almost 2,000 problems, and it isn't even… » 11/01/10 3:33pm 11/01/10 3:33pm

The strangest Spider-Man public service announcements ever

Spider-Man's a stand-up guy, and he'll go to bat for almost any good cause. Unfortunately, the fact that he's an arachno-sapien in a bodysuit transforms any serious attempt at advocacy into a perplexing tableau. Here are 10 odd Spider-PSAs. » 10/17/10 8:45pm 10/17/10 8:45pm

I'm pretty sure this ad occurs in an alternate Marvel universe where…

Absentee Ballots — In Space!

Think you're facing long lines at your local polling place? At least you aren't casting your vote from over 200 miles above the Earth's surface. Astronauts E. Michael Fincke and Gregory Chamitoff will be voting from the International Space Station today, and their right to do it is the result of a relatively new… » 11/04/08 8:20am 11/04/08 8:20am

How Hackable Are the Voting Machines in Your State?

SciFi Channel's Dvice blog has a great chart up today that shows which states have the most unreliable and/or hackable e-voting machines. If you want to get more detailed information about what kind of voting machines are being used in your state, you can go to Dvice's javascripty map here » 10/20/08 12:34pm 10/20/08 12:34pm, and visit their list of…

Fear of a Chocolate Planet

In the lonely days after he'd packed in his bionics from Six Million Dollar Man, Lee Majors starred in a freaky flick called Agency. Released in 1980, after a decade of hallucinatory presidential shenanigans in the United States, the movie is about an evil advertising agency controlled by the U.S. government. Their… » 6/19/08 11:23pm 6/19/08 11:23pm