World's Most Elastic Superhero To Get Stone Faced Actor?

Rumors are churning that the Wachowski Brothers are itching to make a movie based on the adventures of Plastic Man, starring their favorite Hollywood hero Keanu Reeves. Am I the only one confused by this match up? Plastic Man was practically the definition of body humor, and slapstick comedy isn't really in Reeves'… » 7/15/08 10:56am 7/15/08 10:56am

Speed Racer is Rewardingly Weird, State-of-the-Art CGI Slapstick

The hype about Speed Racer has been fairly negative, and I can only guess that's because people still have a bad taste in their mouths from The Matrix Revolutions, the most recent film directed by Speed Racer helmers the Wachowskis. In addition, I think there's been a lot of skepticism about whether the director pair… » 5/08/08 6:09pm 5/08/08 6:09pm

What Would Make Speed Racer Better Than The Matrix?

I saw Speed Racer last night, and though I can't tell you much about it yet (full review on Thursday!), I can say this: It might actually be better than director/producer pair the Wachowskis previous effort, The Matrix. I know them's fightin' words, but you gotta trust me on this one. Or, better, take our poll below… » 5/07/08 1:30pm 5/07/08 1:30pm

Speed Racer Designer Explains Future City's "Carchitecture"

Owen Paterson designed the bleak cityscapes of the Matrix movies and V For Vendetta, and now he's creating the candy-colored neopolises of Speed Racer. Not to mention concept cars with wheels that can turn a full 180 degrees. We tracked him down in Sydney, Australia and asked him about the visual influences behind… » 4/03/08 2:15pm 4/03/08 2:15pm