Get Shrunk to Toy Size and Ride A Slinky At New Toy Story Land Theme Park

Disney is known for two things: animated movies and theme parks, both of which are coming together in a major way in the near future. While the Star Wars park news was the big headline at the D23 Expo Saturday, the second one is Disney opening a full, Toy Story Land section at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. »8/16/15 1:30pm8/16/15 1:30pm


A dystopian short cartoon about a cryogenically defrosted Walt Disney

Walt Disney may not actually be frozen underneath Disneyland, but that hasn't stopped a group of Brazilian animators from creating this creepy short film just in time for Walt Disney's 110th birthday (which was yesterday). In D. On Ice, the animation mogul returns to the present day, only to find himself at the whims… »12/06/11 2:15pm12/06/11 2:15pm