All The Science Fiction and Fantasy Books We're Dying to Read in 2012

Science fiction and fantasy books are bigger than ever. A Dance With Dragons and Stephen King's time-travel saga rule the bestseller lists. Literary authors all flock to write about zombies, apocalypses and time travel. And by all indications, 2012 is going to be an even greater year for genre books. » 1/11/12 11:05am 1/11/12 11:05am

How life is imitating science fiction in Egypt

Walter Jon Williams' Deep State, out next week, picks up the themes of viral marketing and social media from his previous novel This Is Not A Game. And a lot of the stuff that Williams wrote about is very similar to what's been happening in Egypt and Tunisia. Is Williams a prophet of the internet age, or just lucky?… » 2/03/11 2:21pm 2/03/11 2:21pm

A.I.s Are Still Trapped In The Summer Of Love

"Right up till the 1980s, SF envisioned giant mainframe computers that ran everything remotely, that ingested huge amounts of information and regurgitated it in startling ways, and that behaved (or were programmed to behave) very much like human beings... Now we have 14-year-olds with more computing power on their… » 11/05/08 7:20am 11/05/08 7:20am

Future Dystopias Where Conservatives Have Won

What's the worst that can happen if you vote Republican in November? Science fiction has the answer, with a wealth of stories about right-wing policies taken to their most horrendous extremes. We already recounted the scariest dystopias where liberals triumph, and now here's our list of the most awesome dark futures… » 9/24/08 7:04pm 9/24/08 7:04pm

Your Face Cream Will One Day Eat The World

Artificial intelligences aren't going to take over Earth by building a bunch of robotic fashion models to karate-chop us to death. Instead, the A.I. takeover will come from a nasty nano-tech sludge that consumes all matter in its path to recreate itself endlessly. This "gray goo" scenario has popped up in novels by… » 2/27/08 9:00am 2/27/08 9:00am