Who did Brian Michael Bendis recruit for his final arc on Avengers?

For his final story arc on Avengers, writer Brian Michael Bendis decided to bring in an illustrator who hasn't played in Marvel Comics' sandbox for a spell now. Who did he recruit? » 1/10/12 2:25pm 1/10/12 2:25pm

Holy hell, the 1970s Alien comic book was awesome

We recently ran an interview with Thor writer Walt Simonson in which he mentions an Alien movie adaptation he worked on for Heavy Metal back in 1979 with Archie Goodwin and John Workman. I'd never read it before, so I looked it up. And guess what? It's an absolute jaw-dropper. » 7/30/11 12:30pm 7/30/11 12:30pm

The secret history of the greatest Thor stories ever written

At Comic-Con, io9 had a nice long talk with Walt Simonson, the man responsible for the defining run on The Mighty Thor in the 1980s (indeed, Simonson's tenure on the comic was a big influence on this summer's Thor movie). » 7/30/11 10:00am 7/30/11 10:00am

Let's review Walt Simonson's Thor omnibus (a.k.a. "Why the @#$! does…

To capitalize on the new Thor flick, Marvel recently released a $125, 1192-page, and approximately 8-pound omnibus of Walter Simonson's 1983-1987 run on The Mighty Thor. Is it worth the ducats? Forsooth, ye varlet. Forsooth. » 5/09/11 2:40pm 5/09/11 2:40pm

Fresh off Thor and X-Men: First Class, Hollywood's next big writing duo…

Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz have written two of the summer's biggest movies, Thor and X-Men: First Class. They're fast becoming the go-to writers for revitalizing beloved science-fiction characters. We talked to them about what they've learned so far. » 5/03/11 12:13pm 5/03/11 12:13pm

Old Twilight Zone comic demonstrates why cryonic life expansion is a…

We've made our love of Gold Key Twilight Zone comics abundantly clear. The comics' twists were abrupt and frequently deranged. In this deliciously absurd strip from 1973's Twilight Zone 50, a rich old codger buys immortality for approximately 15 minutes. » 11/08/10 8:40am 11/08/10 8:40am