The Wampug Strikes Back stars the most vacant-eyed, dog-breathed…

If you've already had a cute aneurysm over the Wampa costume for StarWarsChick01's Pug Chubbs, then brace yourself for the adorableness of her latest video, in which Chubbs acts out the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back with the help of a Luke Skywalker doll and what I can only assume is loads of peanut butter. » 3/10/12 7:20am 3/10/12 7:20am

Yoda was originally played by a monkey in a mask, and other secrets of…

Before Yoda was a Muppet, the makers of Empire Strikes Back considered casting a monkey as the movie's spiritual center. Plus the lost Wampa raid on the rebel base, and the original portrayer of Palpatine finally revealed after thirty years! » 10/10/10 10:30am 10/10/10 10:30am

Curl up on your own Wampa Rug for those chilly Hoth nights

The temperature's dropping, and with the chillier weather comes the inevitable Wampa migration. Most municipalities deal with this influx of tundra-dwelling reptomammals by cowering in fear. Nonetheless, brave entrepreneurs have transformed the savage beast into a home furnishing. » 10/06/10 3:50pm 10/06/10 3:50pm

Cute Star Wars Drawings Teach You An Alternate Alphabet

Illustrator Michael Fleming teaches you the Star Wars alphabet, using a lovingly rendered mixture of well-known and obscure characters, including Kit Fisto and Admiral "It's A Trap" Ackbar. See it here. Also, check out his LOST TREK set on flickr. » 6/12/09 3:00pm 6/12/09 3:00pm