Watch an obscure, behind-the-scenes documentary about The Empire Strikes Back

This here's Making Empire, a documentary that aired in 1980 to promote The Empire Strikes Back and was promptly consigned to the pop cultural dustbin. Which is an absolute pity, as this Dutch television special — the first 45 seconds of the YouTube video above are in Dutch, the rest is in English — features some… »10/18/12 8:35pm10/18/12 8:35pm


Five Major Flaws in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (And How to Fix Them)

Few sacred cows of classic science fiction remain, largely because science-fiction fans love sacred hamburgers, but also because we are surly lot, possessed of a discerning critical eye and the highest of standards.

One such metaphorical bovine, however, has gone unsavaged by the community for nearly 30 years. That… »11/16/08 4:00pm11/16/08 4:00pm