Madness is worse than magic when it comes to distorting reality, on …

Last night's Warehouse 13 episode featured something like five different storylines running concurrently, culminating in a single terrible — but not entirely surprising — revelation. And a shocking denouement. For all the artifacts on Warehouse 13 have the power to transform people and reshape the fabric of reality,… » 9/25/12 5:58pm 9/25/12 5:58pm

Warehouse Meltdown Leads to a Deadly Game of Dodgeball

Just how dangerous is it to house thousands of powerful artifacts in a single building? Last night's episode of Warehouse 13 answers that question with a visit to the Dark Vault, Sylvia Plath's depression-inducing typewriter, and homicidal, autonomous dodgeballs. » 9/09/09 3:30pm 9/09/09 3:30pm

Prison Cults Can Save You From Hallucination-Induced Suicide

Last night's Warehouse 13 drops us in a prison on a dark and stormy night, where prison inmates are being driven to suicide. But can prison cults and guilty hallucinations compete with last week's disco ball madness? » 9/02/09 2:20pm 9/02/09 2:20pm

Lewis Carroll's Mirror and Studio 54's Disco Ball Wreak Mystical Havoc

This week's Warehouse 13 featured a trip to Vegas and a pair of guest stars from Eureka. But those were overshadowed by the ghost of Alice Liddell and a disco ball fueled by the magic of sex and drugs. » 8/26/09 4:39pm 8/26/09 4:39pm

Artie's Dark Past is Revealed at the Point of an Invisible Samurai Sword

Last night's Warehouse 13 featured better gadgets, delved into the dirty details of one character's past, and introduced us to the series antagonist. Could we finally be seeing the show breaking out of its weekly artifact hunt? » 8/19/09 4:01pm 8/19/09 4:01pm

Shocking Spines and Screwball Dialogue Burn Through Warehouse 13

Syfy's new show may be about agents who chase down technological and mystical artifacts, but it's the charming characters and Buffy-influenced dialogue that take center stage. If you haven't seen Warehouse 13, it may be time to take a gander. » 8/12/09 5:00pm 8/12/09 5:00pm