Ask Warren Ellis anything you want about Gun Machine

In January, the io9 book club read Gun Machine, comic book writer Warren Ellis' second novel. On Monday, February 11, Ellis will be joining us to answer any of your questions about the book. He may be willing to talk about his other work, too, but let's try to stay focused on Gun Machine. » 2/08/13 11:50am 2/08/13 11:50am

Warren Ellis' Gun Machine Is a Blood-Soaked Hymn to New York Gun…

Famed comic book writer Warren Ellis has just published his second novel, Gun Machine, a noir detective tale set five minutes into the future, when private security companies are on the cusp of taking over police departments and mobile phones have become bendy pieces of plastic. A serial killer is on the loose in New… » 2/04/13 11:40am 2/04/13 11:40am

io9 Book Club Reminder: Meeting 2/5 to Discuss Warren Ellis' The Gun…

The io9 Book Club meets every month to discuss a book, and then the author usually joins us for a chat. This month, we're reading Warren Ellis' Gun Machine. We'll meet February 5, 2013 to discuss it. Watch for a post that day announcing the book club, and jump into comments for discussion. There's still time to read… » 1/28/13 4:59pm 1/28/13 4:59pm

Do not operate heavy machinery while watching this creeptastic trailer …

We already showed you the moody, intense first trailer for Warren Ellis' new novel Gun Machine, with narration by Wil Wheaton and art by Ben Templesmith. Now check out a crazier, possibly creepier trailer directed by Siege, aka Clayton Cubitt. » 1/18/13 9:20am 1/18/13 9:20am

All the Essential Science Fiction and Fantasy Books That Are Coming in …

This year's science fiction books are going to rock. John Scalzi returns to the Old Man's War universe, there's a brand new Neil Gaiman novel, and Stephen King's long-awaited sequel to The Shining. Plus brand new books from Austin Grossman, Nalo Hopkinson, Christopher Priest, Diana Gabaldon, Robert J. Sawyer, Joe… » 1/09/13 2:40pm 1/09/13 2:40pm

Science Fiction Authors Who Could be Hollywood's Next Philip K. Dick

When Hollywood wants a futuristic, paranoid thriller where nothing is what it seems, the studios reach for the work of one man. This week, Philip K. Dick continues his reign as Hollywood's idea spigot, with a remake of Total Recall. More PKD films are in the works, and there's no shortage of material out there. » 7/30/12 2:01pm 7/30/12 2:01pm

What will Joss Whedon's next project really be?

Now that Joss Whedon has joined the tiny club of directors whose films have made over a billion dollars, there's tons of speculation about what's next for the no-longer-a-cult icon. People are dragging lists of Whedon's unfinished projects out of mothballs — the Guardian suggests maybe he'll decide to make a Buffy » 5/14/12 1:35pm 5/14/12 1:35pm

The Avengers and X-Men prepare for war in this week's comics

What's new at the comic shops come Wednesday? The Avengers and X-Men get cantankerous, new Atomic Robo, Warren Ellis' recent Secret Avengers stories get the bookshelf treatment, and some necrotic shenanigans in jolly old London. » 3/27/12 9:00am 3/27/12 9:00am

Literary boy wizards and a fellow named Lobster Johnson await you in…

A whole slew of interesting new reads await you this Wednesday. There's a new issue and bookshelf volume of Unwritten, a bunch of Jason Aaron Wolverine comics, the Hellboy universe's crustacean-themed crime-fighter gets a miniseries, and a collection of Alejandro Jodorowsky's wacky science fiction tales goes back to… » 1/10/12 9:20am 1/10/12 9:20am

What happened when Warren Ellis went to Little Nemo's Slumberland?

We've seen Little Nemo's encounters with H.R. Giger, but what precipitated when he crossed path with Warren Ellis? As part of Ellis' Whitechapel redesign contests (previously: 1, 2, 3, 4), author Si Spurrier challenged illustrators to give Winsor McCay's drowsy cartoon hero from the early 1900s a bizarre makeover. As… » 10/26/11 2:30pm 10/26/11 2:30pm

The 10 most deranged Alien crossover stories

Xenomorphs are the (giant, deadly, and acid-filled) cockroaches of the universe, so it's no surprise they've encountered such famous superheroes as Batman and Green Lantern. Here are ten occasions the Aliens invaded someone else's franchise. » 10/12/11 10:15am 10/12/11 10:15am

In the comic book SVK, Warren Ellis writes his dialogue in invisible…

SVK is the latest comic collaboration by Warren Ellis and artist Matt "D'Israeli" Brooker, who previously worked together on the cyberpunkish Lazarus Churchyard. This one-shot comic has been gaining press for a totally unabashed gimmick: it comes packaged with a handheld UV light device that allows the reader to discover … » 7/17/11 1:40pm 7/17/11 1:40pm

This week, Warren Ellis writes a comic book in invisible ink

Yes, the Transmetropolitan author has penned a book whose hidden story you must read by black light. Plus, new issues of Fear Itself and Flashpoint, and Joe Casey pens Magneto up to his old supervillainous shenanigans. » 7/05/11 9:10am 7/05/11 9:10am