DC's Crime Museum, Home of Ted Bundy's Death Car, Set to Close

Washington, D.C.’s Crime Museum, which opened in 2008, will close at the end of September, citing “various circumstances.” The museum’s attractions include Ted Bundy’s VW, which he used to snatch his victims, as well as paints used by John Wayne Gacy to create his clown portraits on Death Row. »9/08/15 2:28pm9/08/15 2:28pm


In an alternate reality, this pyramid is the Lincoln Memorial

The ziggurat you're looking at is John Russell Pope's 1912 design for the Lincoln Memorial. This design and plans for other kooky alternate history monuments are currently on display at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC. Check out parallel universe versions of the Capitol, the White House, and other… »11/30/11 5:30pm11/30/11 5:30pm

Are the streets of Washington, D.C. supposed to form a pentagram?

Popular lore suggests that the street layout of Washington, D.C., was designed so that the streets emanating from the White House would intersect with landmarks in the area to form a pentagram. The designers of the district were Freemasons, and the pentagram is one of a plethora of symbols important to the… »10/13/11 11:00am10/13/11 11:00am

What it's like to be trapped in the Washington Monument during an earthquake

Last month's earthquake in Virginia rattled the 555-foot-tall Washington Monument such that it's been closed indefinitely so engineers can assess damage. Buildings all across the Eastern Seaboard were rocked on August 23, but the Monument's security camera footage shows that people visiting the famous obelisk had a… »9/27/11 10:20am9/27/11 10:20am