Twitch Plays Pokémon Somehow Caught Them All

All 151 original monsters have now been caught by thousands of players controlling a single game of Pokémon on Twitch. It's the sort of impressive feat that most Pokémon players will never accomplish, despite having full control of the game. » 3/23/15 2:56pm 3/23/15 2:56pm

Watch ISS Astronauts Geek Out About Star Trek

The crew aboard the ISS conducted a long interview with radio station WTOP recently, covering everything from daily life aboard the ISS, to their Star Trek childhoods. » 3/16/15 4:06am 3/16/15 4:06am

Everything We Know About Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Since its release last night, I've been playing the latest Five Nights at Freddy's non-stop. Here's what I've gathered, ranging from how the game works, to the secrets players have found hidden within. » 3/03/15 4:08pm 3/03/15 4:08pm

Adam Savage's Replica Hedge Maze From The Shining Is Scarily Accurate

When Mythbusters' Adam Savage isn't, uh, busting myths, he spends his time crafting amazing replicas of movie props, among other hobbies. This time around it's the hedge maze from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, prompted by Savage's disappointment in what should have been the "official" version. » 2/28/15 2:50pm 2/28/15 2:50pm

Why Flying Cars Are Difficult And Dumb

By this stage, it's fairly clear that flying cars aren't going to happen any time soon, despite what the media might want to say. And there's a simple reason for that — the whole concept of flying cars is pretty stupid in the first place. » 2/23/15 4:38am 2/23/15 4:38am

A New World Record For Catching The Original 151 Pokémon Quickly

Most people never catch all of the original 151 Pokémon in Red and Blue. But one Pokemon speedrunning category challenges players to do exactly that—and without trading, too. » 2/13/15 5:16pm 2/13/15 5:16pm

This Is What It's Like To See Sound

Synesthesia is a superpower phenomenon whereby a lucky group of people see color when exposed to stimuli, most commonly sounds. It's the inspiration behind some famous art and music — but it's virtually impossible for mere mortals to get their heads around. This visualization is the best attempt I've yet seen. » 2/04/15 12:01am 2/04/15 12:01am

Everything Ridiculous About Pokémon, In Four Minutes

Despite Pokémon's immense popularity, plenty about the series is absolutely silly, or doesn't make much sense. » 1/20/15 2:59pm 1/20/15 2:59pm

World's Best Jigglypuff Player Makes Opponent Give Up in Smash Tourney

Not All Pokemon Are Happy About Evolving

You'd think a species of creatures whose primary focus is gladiatorial combat would be uniformly pleased about assuming a new, more capable form — even if that form involves an additional head or a piece of silverware. » 1/03/15 3:28pm 1/03/15 3:28pm

The Cockiest Way To End A Smash Bros. Match

Last weekend, a Smash Bros. event called Shockwave 11 went down. And during a Grand Final match with two impressive players, we saw what is probably a master class in swagger. » 12/23/14 5:18pm 12/23/14 5:18pm

What People Get Wrong About PewDiePie, YouTube's Biggest Star

Four years ago, an account named "PewDiePie" uploaded a video to YouTube. It was about Minecraft. The video featured what sounded like a young man laughing heartily at an unlucky zombie that had gotten stuck in a tree. The commentary wasn't in English—it was in Swedish. » 12/19/14 6:38pm 12/19/14 6:38pm

Fan-Made Pokémon Fighting Game Looks Better Than The Official One

Pokémon: Type Wild isn't just any Pokémon fan game. It's a more intense, Street-Fighteresque take on the pocket monster series, and you should totally check it out if you haven't yet. » 12/11/14 1:58pm 12/11/14 1:58pm

Why You Shouldn't Battle Someone That Owns Hacked Pokémon

Things can get out of hand pretty quick when someone has hacked their Pokémon. But if it's not against an actual person, a hacked Pokémon battle can be pretty hilarious. » 12/08/14 3:28pm 12/08/14 3:28pm

No Sale Price Is Worth Black Friday: The Movie

This Friday you could be sitting warm and safe in your homes watching a Christmas movie and drinking hot chocolate, or you could be an unintentional extra in Black Friday the movie — All Sales Final. » 11/23/14 4:44pm 11/23/14 4:44pm

Squirrel Steals Man's GoPro, Because Squirrels Are Jerks

It may look like this adorably chubby squirrel is just innocently scampering about, but that's just what it wants you to think. This tree rat is about to commit a crime. » 11/15/14 1:13pm 11/15/14 1:13pm

A One In A Million Headshot... From Space

Conan Thinks Call Of Duty's Funeral Is Stupid, Too

You'll Never Forget Daylight Saving Time: The Movie

In case you're having trouble remembering that most of America gains an extra hour at some point over the weekend, this dramatic trailer for Saving Daylight is the ultimate reminder. » 11/01/14 2:34pm 11/01/14 2:34pm