8 Things People Say In Interviews That Usually Mean A Movie Will Suck

We constantly get our hopes up for upcoming movies... and then they let us down. It's easy to get sucked into the hype cycle, as people talk up their projects — but sometimes, you can tell just from the way people talk about a film that it's probably not going to work. Here are eight key phrases that usually indicate… » 3/26/15 12:00pm 3/26/15 12:00pm

Bill Clinton Hopes An Alien Invasion Would Bring Humans Together

The White House gets spectacularly destroyed in Independence Day, one of the most famous movies of Bill Clinton's presidency — but if that happened in real life, Clinton says it could be a good thing, if it finally ended the huge divisions among the human race. » 4/03/14 3:40pm 4/03/14 3:40pm

Does it always matter how a movie ends?

The ending of the movie has, by default, it's last word. But, sometimes the scene is stolen by a wrap-up that comes before ending, a thematic ending that eclipses the actual ending. » 3/03/14 3:34pm 3/03/14 3:34pm

Zack Snyder explains how he "saved" Watchmen from Terry Gilliam

Last week we reported that when Terry Gilliam was attached to direct the Watchmen movie, he would have radically rewritten the ending to Alan Moore's graphic novel. In an interview with HuffPo, director Zack Snyder explains why Gilliam was "smoking crack" — and he makes a lot of good points. » 3/03/14 11:20am 3/03/14 11:20am

This is the insane way Terry Gilliam's Watchmen movie would have ended

There was a while where it seemed like Brazil director Terry Gilliam would be the one to bring Alan Moore's seminal graphic novel Watchmen to the big screen. It obviously didn't work out, but producer Joel Silver has revealed how Gillaim's adaptation would have ended, and it's bonkers. » 2/28/14 6:37am 2/28/14 6:37am

SpongeBob and friends put on the greatest version of Watchmen ever

Behold SpongeMen SquareWatch. I can't decide if it's so awesome that even Alan Moore would approve, or if it would be the last straw that finally sends him on his inevitable murder spree through the comics industry. » 2/20/14 5:30pm 2/20/14 5:30pm

The Coolest Helmets, Hats and Headpieces in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Science fiction and fantasy is full of amazing pieces of headgear. From space helmets to wizard hats, there are countless examples of cool things to wear on your head. Here are 40 of the most awesome, iconic, and fun examples of hats and helmets from science fiction and fantasy. » 2/11/14 11:10am 2/11/14 11:10am

​I use comic books to teach

Truth be told, using comic books in the classroom is by no means as unusual or risqué as it might have once been. Nowadays, comics are considered a legitimate teaching tool for any subject. Here are some I've used in class. » 1/30/14 10:54am 1/30/14 10:54am

Lavie Tidhar's Violent Century is like Watchmen on crack

World Fantasy Award-winning author Lavie Tidhar has already gone to some dark, strange places — but in The Violent Century, his brilliant Cold War epic, he does the closest thing we've seen to Alan Moore's Watchmen in book form. And along the way, he questions what it means to be a hero. » 1/10/14 1:48pm 1/10/14 1:48pm

The Killing Bluff: Alan Moore plays poker with a few comic book friends

I still don't want to see Zack Snyder's take on Wonder Woman

Now it's official: Wonder Woman will be introduced in the Man of Steel sequel, alongside Ben Affleck's Batman. And I stand by what I said before: Zack Snyder getting to be the one to introduce Wonder Woman on the big screen is a terrible idea. » 12/04/13 11:40am 12/04/13 11:40am

9 Vital Questions to Ask Before Destroying a City in Your Movie

Everybody loves blowing up major cities in widescreen action movies. Wholesale municipal destruction looks great in 3-D and even better in IMAX, and every movie needs those "trailer moments" regardless of story or plot. But are are nine questions we wish film-makers would ask before destroying another city. » 9/03/13 10:09am 9/03/13 10:09am

I Don't Want to See Zack Snyder's Take on Wonder Woman

Now that The Man of Steel has set a new record for June movie openings, Warner Bros. is rushing ahead with plans to create a DC Universe on screen. Which means one thing: we'll finally get a big-screen version of Wonder Woman, and she'll probably be created by Sucker Punch director Zack Snyder. That's a terrible idea. » 6/18/13 12:23pm 6/18/13 12:23pm

Minor character movie posters imagine the untold stories of Nazgûls,…

In this week's Something Awful Photoshop Phriday, SA invited its community of photo-editing jokesters to come up with movie posters starring minor characters. Some of the results are quite inspired. I'm waiting for the Band of Nazgûls miniseries to pop up on HBO. Some of our favorites are below. Check out the whole… » 1/13/13 9:30am 1/13/13 9:30am

"Unfilmable" Science Fiction and Fantasy Books That Somehow Got Filmed

Next week sees the release of Cloud Atlas, the movie version of one of the most famously unfilmable books of all time. But Cloud Atlas isn't the first supposedly unfilmable book to make it to the screen. There have been several classic novels that everybody thought couldn't be captured on film — until somebody did it.… » 10/19/12 1:12pm 10/19/12 1:12pm

Hidden in Plain Sight: Great Comics Panels Brought to Life at the Movies

Before Captain America punched fake Hitler as Chris Evans, Cap punched him on his own comic book cover in 1941. Colin Farrell stabbing Jennifer Garner in Daredevil? Frank Miller drew that first. Many film-makers today go to great lengths to pay tribute to the original comics that gave us these amazing characters —… » 9/27/12 1:59pm 9/27/12 1:59pm

Jae Lee draws Ozymandias versus the Comedian, in this Before Watchmen

Here's an exclusive sneak peek of Ozymandias, the latest issue in the Before Watchmen series. Here we see artist Jae Lee (Inhumans, Fantastic Four: 1234) bring his ethereal flair to some early fisticuffs between martial artist super-genius Ozymandias and the cigar-chomping Comedian. This issue hits stands next… » 9/20/12 6:30am 9/20/12 6:30am

A sneak preview of next week's issue of Before Watchmen

Here's an exclusive first look at the next issue of Before WatchmenBefore Watchmen: Minutemen, which features the handsome artwork of Darwyn Cooke. » 8/24/12 11:15am 8/24/12 11:15am