Are These Mountains On Mars Hiding Ice Just Beneath Their Surface?

The pictures of Martian mountain range Phlegra Montes look characteristically dry and dusty. But not so fast, say researchers at ESA. Just 60 feet below the surface, they think there's something buried: Ice. » 2/23/15 9:20am 2/23/15 9:20am

Ancient Mars May Have Been More Habitable Than We Thought

Data collected by the Curiosity Rover suggests Mars once featured a moderate climate capable of fostering lakes of liquid water and even a vast sea, and that this climate could have extended to many parts of the Red Planet. » 12/09/14 9:00am 12/09/14 9:00am

This Could Finally Explain How Mars Got Its Liquid Water

Evidence suggests that Mars had water flowing on its surface at various points in its ancient history. But the evidence also points to temperatures being far too cold at those time for water to be liquid. So, how can both facts be true? At last, this paradox may be on the verge of resolution. » 11/18/14 1:55pm 11/18/14 1:55pm

Could We Drink The Water On Mars?

It's looking more and more likely that there is indeed flowing, liquid water somewhere on Mars or, at least, forming water. So, if we find it, could we (and should we) also drink it? » 7/16/14 4:20pm 7/16/14 4:20pm

NASA has just made an incredible discovery about water on Mars

A recent analysis of Martian surface soil samples shows that it contains about 2% water by weight. This is fantastic news for future colonists of the Red Planet. » 9/26/13 1:45pm 9/26/13 1:45pm

Drinkable Water Once Flowed on Mars

Not to be outdone by Curiosity, the Opportunity rover has made one of its most significant scientific discoveries to date. A recent analysis of clay minerals indicates that neutral water once existed on Mars — water that could have been suitable for life. » 6/10/13 1:27pm 6/10/13 1:27pm

Mars once had water warm enough to sustain life

We know that Mars once had lots of water, considered a prerequisite for habitability. What hasn't been known, however, is just how friendly — or unfriendly — this water might have been to life, as the temperature and chemical conditions of ancient Martian water has remained a complete mystery. But as a new analysis… » 11/19/12 8:00am 11/19/12 8:00am

Curiosity makes its first major discovery on Mars — and it’s a doozy

NASA scientists working with Curiosity have announced that water did indeed flow on Mars at one point in its history — and we're not talking trickles. A newly discovered ancient streambed indicates that the water ran fast and deep, possibly as much as hip deep. The discovery marks a precedent setting achievement for… » 9/28/12 7:40am 9/28/12 7:40am

Hot Mars Theory suggests life never had a chance on the Red Planet

As NASA's Curiosity rover scours the Martian surface in search of signs that Mars was once capable of fostering complex life, a team of researchers from the University of Poitiers, France, and Caltech have issued a paper that casts serious doubt on the notion that the planet was once habitable. » 9/10/12 3:40pm 9/10/12 3:40pm

Evidence is piling up for water flowing on the surface Mars

Last August, NASA's HiRISE orbiter spotted strange streaks on the Martian surface that most likely were the result of flowing water on the planet's surface. Now, eight months later, scientists still haven't come up with any better explanations. » 3/25/12 4:30pm 3/25/12 4:30pm

These are the remains of an ancient river on Mars

This image reveals the dark sediments and worn path of what was once a river delta, connecting a river with its lake terminus. Though this river bed has been dry for eons, it's proof that rivers once ran on Mars. » 9/04/11 7:00am 9/04/11 7:00am

The Opals that the Martian Sea Left in its Wake

The question at this point isn't whether Mars was once covered in liquid water — it's just a question of how long that water was there before it evaporated. This image provides new evidence that water washed the Martian shores for a tremendously long time. Long enough to reshape the rocks in that crater and to leave… » 10/28/08 4:14pm 10/28/08 4:14pm

Yes, There Is Water on Mars — But You Can't Drink It

Click to viewThough NASA has been reporting for years that there is water ice on Mars, today the US space agency held a press conference to announce definitively that the Phoenix Lander has found traces of water ice on the red planet. As Phil Plait over at Bad Astronomy points out, today's announcement was really… » 7/31/08 3:00pm 7/31/08 3:00pm