Silly Portraits Of Each US Vice President With An Octopus On His Head

Why did artist Jonathan Crow decide to top the head of each US vice president with a watercolor cephalopod? Because it's funny. » 10/17/14 9:51am 10/17/14 9:51am

Stunning Paintings Of Mermaids Inspired By Real Underwater Life (NSFW)

Renee Nault's lovely watercolor mermaid paintings often depict full underwater scenes, showing off not just her mythological creatures, but also the real life creatures swimming and growing beneath the surface. » 4/16/14 8:00pm 4/16/14 8:00pm

Check Out These Tits (The Birds, That Is)

Dinosaurs face new challenges in these beautiful watercolors

Morgan O'Brien's water color and coloring pencil dinosaur pieces are not only gorgeous, they show the beasts in interesting confrontations. There are whole stories to be read into each one. » 1/19/14 7:00am 1/19/14 7:00am

Striking paintings combine Japanese watercolor with the structures of…

After receiving his Phd in neuroscience at University of Pennsylvania, Greg Dunn decided to explore the structures of the brain and the rest of the nervous system through the medium of paint. Informed by Japanese sumi-e ink wash painting, Dunn paints meditative scenes of neurons the way many artists have painted… » 3/10/13 11:00am 3/10/13 11:00am

Insanely detailed paintings of kaiju fighting in historical battles…

The line-drawn and watercolor illustrations created by Mu Pan demand careful study. The Brooklyn-based artist blends history, pop culture, and folk art into astonishingly detailed scenes that are grand when drunk in all at once, but contain little surprises on closer inspection. » 2/03/13 7:00am 2/03/13 7:00am

Technicolor ferrofluids are a magnetic acid trip

Oil, watercolors and nanoscale iron particles make for some of the most psychedelic imagery this side of an LSD trip — and we've got the hi-res macro photographs to prove it. » 6/29/12 4:00pm 6/29/12 4:00pm

Salvador Dalí's illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy are absolutely…

Many artists have illustrated Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy since it was penned at the beginning of the 14th century — but few people realize that Salvador Dalí was one of them. » 6/06/12 11:51am 6/06/12 11:51am