If sea levels are rising, let the floods come

Paul Kirshen, co-author of an exhaustive new report on what sea-level rise could mean for Boston, talks to The Atlantic about the city's watery future. The study was released yesterday by The Boston Harbor Association, in conjunction with a series of storm readiness initiatives from the office of Boston mayor Thomas… » 2/06/13 2:31pm 2/06/13 2:31pm

Great Trainwrecks of Science Fiction: Movies Where the Director Was Fired in the Middle

Everybody knows that the movies can be a messy business — oftentimes, what reaches the big screen is the result of a process akin to sticking your fingers in a Cuisinart. And sometimes the original director of a project gets dropped just before filming starts — as happened with The Wolfman. Or sometimes the director… » 12/16/11 3:40pm 12/16/11 3:40pm

What's The Greatest Post-Apocalyptic Movie For Kids?

Will City Of Ember be the first post-apocalyptic movie aimed at kids? Based on Jeanne DuPrau's young adult novel, Ember features two kids discovering there's a world outside the dying underground city that they've lived in for the past 250 years. And director Gil Kenan (Monster House) sees it as a visual, epic teen… » 5/14/08 1:02pm 5/14/08 1:02pm