Seeing waves crash from underneath the ocean is so hypnotizing

Everything about waves crashing—it is water smacking itself—is violent. But that’s because we see it from the surface. Underneath, seeing waves crest and fall is a hypnotizing, almost peaceful phenomenon. The way the sunlight hits the giant water prisim and the way the waves roll on top of you and gently ripples the… » 6/25/15 2:34am 6/25/15 2:34am

All Visual Effects in 2008 Will Involve Gases and Fluids

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences handed out their "sci-tech" achievement awards today, you know the ones that they blur through during Oscar night with someone like Jennifer Garner saying "I was forced... er, had lunch with these amazing people last month, and here are the highlights" and so forth. We… » 1/04/08 3:00pm 1/04/08 3:00pm