Words of Radiance puts the "epic" back in epic fantasy

Maybe you read Brandon Sanderson's first entry in The Stormlight Archives, The Way of Kings. Maybe you're just familiar with his work from finishing up Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Whether you've been hyped for Words of Radiance or not, you are not prepared for how fantastic it is. » 3/11/14 1:30pm 3/11/14 1:30pm

Brandon Sanderson discusses Words of Radiance and his "master plan"

The second book in Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Chronicles, Words of Radiance, hits physical and virtual bookshelves today. So enjoy this conversation between the author and legendary publisher/ Tor Books founder Tom Doherty, about how to break into the biz, the future of Sanderson's fantasy worlds, and more! » 3/06/14 5:30pm 3/06/14 5:30pm

Trailer for Brandon Sanderson's Steelheart: Best superhero story ever?

We're excited to bring you the exclusive first look at the book trailer for Brandon Sanderson's new superhero novel, Steelheart. Except that Sanderson's superpowered bruisers aren't all that heroic — power has corrupted them, and it's up to ordinary humans to take them down. » 9/04/13 1:00pm 9/04/13 1:00pm