Webcomic Guide to the Apocalypse: M.P. Shiel's The Purple Cloud

Serialized in 1901, M.P. Shiel's novel The Purple Cloud is considered one of the great classics of early apocalyptic fiction. Even for its time, it's considered a bit of a genre-bender, classed as both theological fantasy and scientific romance. It's also perhaps the first novel to explore the horror of surviving an… »2/10/13 10:00am2/10/13 10:00am


The Webcomic Guide to the Apocalypse: Early Tales of Comets Destroying the World

In the Webcomic Guide to the Apocalypse, I've been drawing short comics about very early apocalyptic fiction. So far, I've covered stories about plagues and the dying Earth, and this week, we're looking above, to some 19th-century tales in which comets threaten to destroy human civilization—and sometimes extinguish… »1/27/13 4:00pm1/27/13 4:00pm