This Webcomic Perfectly Captures the Awe and Poetry of Astronomy

Boulet has done it again. The cartoonist’s latest installment is a quasi-animated pixel comic that challenges the notion that science has somehow robbed the universe of poetry. Recalling his own experiences looking at the night sky through his telescope, Boulet takes us on a lovely and lyrical tour of the cosmos. »8/26/15 4:00pm8/26/15 4:00pm

A Webcomic About a Pizza Witch Who Falls for a Lactose Intolerant Girl

Sarah Graley’s webcomic Pizza Witch is as silly and fun as the title suggests. It’s all about Roxy, a witch who brews magical pizzas that make people fall in love with her. When she finds herself lusting after a woman who doesn’t eat cheese, she ends up on an offbeat quest for the perfect pizza ingredient. »8/12/15 4:40pm8/12/15 4:40pm

Webcomic MFK Stars a Superpowered Girl on a Quest to Scatter Mom's Ashes

Abbie is the heroine of Nilah Magruder’s webcomic M.F.K., but she doesn’t want to be a hero. She just wants to carry her late mother’s ashes to their final resting place and live a quiet life. But in a land where sleeping gods are starting to wake, life can’t be quite for a girl with earth-moving superpowers. »8/05/15 3:00pm8/05/15 3:00pm

A Playful (And NSFW) Webcomic About the Sex Lives of Halfling Women

If you like a bit of drama in your porn comics (and like to watch very short women getting it on with taller men), check out InCase’s webcomic Alfie. When a caravan of humans and elves visits a remote halfling village, two village women — a mother and daughter — find they’re in for some new sexual experiences. »6/24/15 2:00pm6/24/15 2:00pm

A Fascinating Webcomic Retelling Of Empress Octavia's Ritual Suicide

In the year AD 62, the exiled Roman Empress Claudia Octavia was sentenced to death by ritual suicide by her former husband Nero. Brian Mowrey uses that even as the germ of his webcomic The Seven Deaths of the Empress (NSFW), turning Octavia into a mystical figure who must die over and over again in a fantasy realm. »6/17/15 3:37pm6/17/15 3:37pm

A Beautifully Melancholy Webcomic About The Young Daughter Of Two Demons

Chloé C.’s webcomic Headless Bliss reveals what happens to the stories we make up after we forget about them. It starts when a figure born of the human realm encounters a curious young princess, the child of two cruel and monstrous demons. The comic is by turns funny and sad, but it’s also just plain gorgeous.
»6/03/15 4:00pm6/03/15 4:00pm

A Webcomic About A Disgruntled Mars Researcher You Need To Start Reading

Der-shing Helmer, creator of The Meek, is back with a new webcomic, and it’s set on Mars. In Mare Internum, an entomologist arrives at an isolated Mars research station just as another researcher has been fired. But before he departs, these two scientists will learn a great deal about each other’s troubles.
»5/20/15 4:00pm5/20/15 4:00pm

A Hard-Boiled Fantasy Webcomic About An Assassin Wielding A Cursed Sword

The protagonist of Justin Peniston and William Orr’s webcomic Hunter Black was once an assassin whose preferred weapon was the bow, until an act of betrayal put him in the path of a mystical, revenge-thirsty sword. Now he’s obsessed with his own quest for revenge—if his many enemies don’t kill him first. »5/13/15 4:00pm5/13/15 4:00pm

Sandman Tries To Kidnap A Naive Nightmare In This Creepy-Cute Webcomic

Miyuli’s webcomic Lost Nightmare has the feel of a malevolent children’s book, one where the classically wicked characters, like the Bogeyman, are less frightening than the luminous shepherd known as the Sandman. And a sweet little nightmare named Ink is about to learn the truly scary aspects of the dreamscape.
»5/06/15 3:00pm5/06/15 3:00pm

An Aspiring Knight Must Solve The Mystery Of Her Brother's Disappearance

Samantha, the young heroine of Angelica Maria’s webcomic Solstoria, wants two things in her life: She wants to become a knight and she wants to find out what happened to her older brother, an alchemy student who went missing. In her quest she’ll encounter a protective crow, a moon priestess, and plenty of things that… »4/22/15 4:50pm4/22/15 4:50pm

Every Page Of This Webcomic Is Packed With Striking (And Creepy) Images

If you've been looking to hop onto a webcomic that your eyeballs will fall in love with, take a gander at Petra Nordlund's webcomic Prague Race. What starts as simple tale of three young friends turns into a journey through a strange land that is by turns frightening and tragic — but always fun to look at. »4/15/15 11:00am4/15/15 11:00am

A Slice-Of-Life Webcomic Set In A Town Cursed With Mediocrity

Middleville, the setting for Megan Rose Gedris' webcomic Meaty Yogurt, is an ordinary town, except for one thing: it's under a curse. Anyone who is born there is destined to die there, after a life of long mediocrity. At least that's what Jackie Monroe thinks, but she's determined to beat the curse and do something… »4/08/15 11:00am4/08/15 11:00am

A Girl Inherits A Wizard's House—And Discovers A War Happening Inside

When Henrietta Achilles, the protagonist of Haiko Hörnig's webcomic A House Divided, learns that she has inherited the estate of her "uncle," she's understandably suspicious. After all, she's never heard of him. But that's the least of her concerns when she shows up at the house and discovers there's a war going on. »3/25/15 11:00am3/25/15 11:00am