Get into Stacia Kane's intense urban fantasy series for a dollar

Looking for something awesome to read this weekend, but don't want to spend a lot of money? Urban fantasy writer Stacia Kane writes in to say that the ebook of the first novel in her Downside Ghosts series, Unholy Ghosts, is on sale for a dollar on Amazon. io9 contributor Chris Braak called the book "intensely… » 8/27/11 9:00am 8/27/11 9:00am

Short Fiction About the Future of Gawker Media Gets It Right

Paolo Bacigalupi's smart, worldly writing has made him the new darling of the literary scifi scene, and now you can read his latest story online - it's a very plausible tale about blogger newsrooms of the future, including Gawker. In "The Gambler," our hero Ong works at a media conglomerate competing with Gawker, but… » 11/28/08 3:00pm 11/28/08 3:00pm

A Rift In Time That Shreds Sexual Repression

An Italian tailor has a crush on the daughter of his late patron, so he builds a time machine to impress her. The resulting story, Eugene Mirabelli's "The Only Known Jump Across Time," is lovely and lyrical and just a bit of a tease. Set in 1928, Mirabelli's time-travel romance sort of uses the idea of jumping into… » 11/15/08 12:40pm 11/15/08 12:40pm