A Weeping Angel Night Light Is The Ultimate Way Of Petrifying Your Kids

Although their repeated use has blunted their impact a little, Doctor Who's Weeping Angels are still capable of giving young kids (and the kids at heart) a good jump-scare now and then. What better way to remind your little loved ones of such moments of terror than ensuring they never sleep again? » 4/06/15 3:14pm 4/06/15 3:14pm

Weeping Angel Barbie is waiting for Ken to Blink

Watch a step-by-step transformation of a regular old Barbie into a barbaric time monster who feeds on its prey by sending them back in time. Master crafter Sarah Franz-Wichlacz re-tooled a blonde Barbie by severing her arms, glue-gunning her hair and hosing her down with textured spray paint. Check out the process… » 11/12/12 8:15am 11/12/12 8:15am