Doctor Who's Weeping Angels Need A Survival Horror Game Like This

Remember when Doctor Who's Weeping Angels were new and the phrase "Don't blink" would send shivers up your spine? This first-person video recaptures the terror of those not-so-stony statues. » 4/02/14 8:00pm 4/02/14 8:00pm

Steven Moffat "Probably Done" with the Weeping Angels on Doctor Who

Steven Moffat has written three Doctor Who stories featuring the Weeping Angels, those statues that only move when you're not looking at them. And now, he says he's probably done all he can with them. » 9/30/13 3:42pm 9/30/13 3:42pm

Weeping Angel Barbie is waiting for Ken to Blink

Watch a step-by-step transformation of a regular old Barbie into a barbaric time monster who feeds on its prey by sending them back in time. Master crafter Sarah Franz-Wichlacz re-tooled a blonde Barbie by severing her arms, glue-gunning her hair and hosing her down with textured spray paint. Check out the process… » 11/12/12 8:15am 11/12/12 8:15am

Watch the brand new Doctor Who mini-episode, "Good as Gold"!

The Doctor! Amy! Weeping freaking Angels! They're all in this just-released mini-episode, titled "Good as Gold," the winning entry in the Doctor Who Script-to-Screen competition. According to BBC One: » 5/24/12 2:20pm 5/24/12 2:20pm

Breaking Down The New Doctor Who Trailer Shot By Shot

We've had a week to let David Tennant's departure sink in, and now it's full steam ahead, all systems go, and, well, GERONIMO for the Eleventh Doctor. So what clues does the fifth series trailer hold? Spoilers and speculation ahoy! » 1/09/10 1:02pm 1/09/10 1:02pm