Anti-Communist propaganda is more awesome than any horror movie poster

Horror movies and Weird Tales magazine have given us some beautiful, spooky and unnerving works of art. But if you really want a dose of scary brilliance? Check out the posters that warned people of the evils of Communism. These are scarier, and more beautiful, than pretty much any horror art you've seen. » 11/07/13 3:00pm 11/07/13 3:00pm

The weird life of pioneering female pulp fiction writer CL Moore

CL Moore was one of the only women who ever wrote for famous pulp fiction magazines Weird Tales and Astounding Science Fiction during the 1930s. Now Andrew Liptak has a great article about her life over at Kirkus, including links to never-before-seen short stories by the woman who was both a fantasy and SF pioneer. I… » 2/07/13 11:42am 2/07/13 11:42am

A Brand New Professional Market for Dangerous, Lovely Short Fiction

One good thing is coming out of yesterday's Weird Tales controversy: We're getting a brand new professional science fiction and fantasy magazine. Shimmer Magazine has been a cool small-press magazine that publishes stories that are "dark, strange, funny or all three," as Mary Robinette Kowal puts it. » 8/21/12 7:30am 8/21/12 7:30am

Weird Tales Magazine faces a boycott after endorsing a "thoroughly…

The new novel Saving The Pearls: Defending Eden sounds like something that someone made up as a prank. Victoria Foyt's self-published novel takes place in a world where, due to global warming, most white people are dead. The world is ruled by black people, called "coals" in the book. The remaining white people, called… » 8/20/12 11:47am 8/20/12 11:47am

The internet wasn't weird enough. But now it is. Check out The Weird…

Ann VanderMeer's award-winning tenure at Weird Tales was cut short when the magazine was bought by a new crew — but the print world's loss is the internet's gain. VanderMeer and her husband, Jeff VanderMeer, have started a new online magazine, the Weird Fiction Review, which just launched today. » 11/01/11 2:30pm 11/01/11 2:30pm

Cosplay Abounds at Zombie Fest in Pittsburgh

We've already shown you zombie Simpsons today, but where were Zombie Bride, Zombie Jesus, and Zombie Sarah Palin this weekend? They were chilling with over a thousand of their undead cohorts at the Monroeville Mall in Pittsburgh, where the horrific and the consumer-driven collided for a gory two days. There to… » 10/26/08 2:00pm 10/26/08 2:00pm