Bordertown has never looked so lovely: Your first look at the Welcome to Bordertown paperback

We loved the anthology Welcome to Bordertown, featuring authors ranging from Neil Gaiman to Catherynne M. Valente revisiting the ground-breaking urban fantasy setting of the 1990s. And now we're stoked to bring you the first official look at the cover for the paperback edition, featuring a sultry elf and a brick wall… »3/27/12 5:46pm3/27/12 5:46pm


Outcasts, Artists, and Dreamers: They All End Up In Bordertown

Bordertown disappeared thirteen years ago and some people have since stopped believing it was ever there at all. They make up stories and act as if The World and the Elflands have never touched. They pretend that the gritty bohemia of Bordertown, or B-Town, never existed, was only ever rumors and gossip. There were… »6/03/11 4:25pm6/03/11 4:25pm