Please Let This What We Do in the Shadows Sequel Happen

Co-writer/co-director/costar Jemaine Clement has confirmed that a sequel to the vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows is in the planning stages. The first movie, a New Zealand indie which follows a group of vampire roommates as they bicker over chore wheels and feeding off the blood of virgins, amassed a… »8/17/15 2:20pm8/17/15 2:20pm

Argentinian Presidential Ceremony Protects Suspected Werewolves [UPDATE]

Argentinian President Christina Fernández de Kirchner has just adopted a 21-year-old man as her godson. This is a tradition that dates back more than a century, and it's to prevent the stigmatization of a family's seventh son — who, according to legend, turns into a werewolf-like demon. Update: This has been debunked. »12/29/14 5:30pm12/29/14 5:30pm

Bitten keeps interrupting its intense werewolf drama with boring humans

So about half of last night's Bitten was a pretty compelling episode. The plot against the Danvers magnified, someone challenged Jeremy's authority as Alpha, and there was murder and torture. And then half of the episode was spent in Toronto with Dull Boyfriend and his family in Toronto where nothing happens but agony. »2/18/14 11:22am2/18/14 11:22am