Behold Wesley Crusher: Teenage F*** Machine, the Amazon Kindle's new…

Over the past several days, a certain Star Trek: The Next Generation prose piece has ensnared the popular imagination the world over. It's a story that's been recycled since time immemorial, due to its sheer cross-cultural thematic resonance. » 3/09/12 3:00pm 3/09/12 3:00pm

Captain Wesley Crusher, Starfleet Investigative Services

The Star Trek franchise has always been about "big picture" stories, but the next Trek series should take the opposite approach, narrow the scope and focus on a few well-developed characters - primarily Wesley Crusher. Yes, the much maligned ensign should be brought back as the captain of a Starfleet science vessel that … » 5/05/08 8:00am 5/05/08 8:00am