A Guide of the Historical Events in Westeros Before A Game of Thrones

So on the front page of io9 there's an article by Rob Bricken that talks about all the fan theories that you absolutely need to know about Game of Thrones. If you're only watching the show, I don't think you absolutely need to know them, because it's obvious they're steering the series in a different direction.… » 3/27/15 8:00am 3/27/15 8:00am

Play a Game of Mushroom Kingdoms on this Super Mario map of Westeros

When you play the Game of Mushroom Kingdoms, you find the princess or you die. Redditor titan413 posted this map of Westeros as a Mario Bros. World map, including the Boos beyond the Wall, Koopsterly Rock, and Highgarden Castle, home to the Knight of Fire Flowers. So does this mean the Dothraki ride Yoshis? » 7/07/12 7:30am 7/07/12 7:30am

Brush up on your Game of Thrones history with these animated shorts

If you need a scorecard to tell the Baratheons from the Targaryens, or just want to delve more deeply into the history and legends of A Song of Ice and Fire, then check out the extra features from the first season of Game of Thrones, animated videos that explain the background behind the houses, religion,… » 5/05/12 9:00am 5/05/12 9:00am