Can Our Hearts Withstand Another Strike?

Here we go again. After last year's 14-week struggle between the Writers Guilds of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers — one that ultimately caused the untimely death of Pushing Daisies » 11/23/08 4:00pm 11/23/08 4:00pm and the unravelling of , among other disasters — it looks like Hollywood is still far from happy.…

Battlestar Won't Self-Destruct

Both the Cylons' plans and those of the Battlestar Galactica producers will finish as planned, despite the production hiatus caused by the writers' strike. Executives at the Sci Fi Channel are going against rumor and expectation and not shortening the fourth and final season of the show. The first half of the season… » 2/15/08 8:00am 2/15/08 8:00am

Where Did Bionic Woman Go Wrong? Fans Weigh In

Optimism is a wonderful thing, but too much of it begins to look like, well, like this: » 1/28/08 4:00pm 1/28/08 4:00pm

Yes, fans are beginning to come to terms with what was wrong with the show, only a couple of months after it's been off the air. I say "beginning," because defending the caliber of acting? Come , people. Of course, if they'd…

Future of Comic-Con: Total Suck or Way Better?

Entertainment Weekly's Marc Bernadin picks up on a little-noticed comment from comics historian Peter Sanderson about the real impact of the WGA writers strike to ask "What about the San Diego Comic-Con?" » 1/10/08 7:00am 1/10/08 7:00am

The most obvious answer may be "It might look less overwhelming and full of starfuckers," but it may be a moot…

Battlestar Galactica Fans To Join Strike, Meet Disappointment

Pity fans of Sci-Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica who plan to join the show's writing staff on picket lines this Friday lured by rumors that a lengthy strike may result in the show's fourth and final season being aired in full earlier than initially expected and without the traditional mid-season break. Talking last… » 11/12/07 6:08am 11/12/07 6:08am