10 Movies That Were Made Worse By Reshoots

Movie-making is a bizarre and chaotic process. Sometimes, the flurry of rewrites and added footage can result in an unlikely masterpiece. But sometimes, test audiences randomly dislike a film, and this leads to ill-advised reshoots. Here are 10 science fiction and fantasy movies that had new footage added, which made… » 3/27/14 10:00am 3/27/14 10:00am

12 Movies that Are Incredibly Beautiful and Utterly Vapid

Movies are getting prettier all the time. Thanks to computer animation, IMAX cameras, 3-D and a million other innovations, we can now create films that tower like candy palaces. But that just means it's easier for movies to be pretty but dumb. Here are 12 films that are lovely to look at, but totally braindead. » 4/03/13 10:02am 4/03/13 10:02am

What Dreams May Come manages to make heaven suck

The best thing about What Dreams May Come is that its title sounds like a porn parody of itself. I guess it also has the distinction of not being the worst movie in which Robin Williams plays a doctor, though I'd say What Dreams May Come is almost as terrible as Patch Adams-perhaps even more disappointing, if you… » 8/05/11 3:15pm 8/05/11 3:15pm