Ask Bas Lansdorp, founder of the Mars One Project, about his plans to put humans on Mars by 2023

Bas Lansdorp has big plans for Mars, not to mention the human race. By 2023, the Dutch entrepreneur intends to colonize the Red Planet in the first of a series of one-way human missions. It's all a part of Mars One, a project he founded, and one that he hopes will soon become a "global media spectacle." »8/09/12 2:49pm8/09/12 2:49pm


How a Rat With a Brain Sensor Turned Ramez Naam From a Technologist into a Renowned Futurist

Prior to becoming a futurist, Ramez Naam was a well respected and successful software developer and professional technologist. He was involved in the development of such products as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. His future in the software industry certainly looked bright. »7/31/12 6:20pm7/31/12 6:20pm

Why the American Museum of Natural History's Ellen V. Futter Chose to Dedicate Her Life to Science

You don't become president of one of the greatest institutions for scientific research and education on Earth without harboring a serious passion for science and education, so where did Ellen V. Futter — who practiced law and served as president of Barnard College before taking over the American Museum of Natural… »7/23/12 9:35pm7/23/12 9:35pm

Neil deGrasse Tyson decided to become a scientist when he was "starstruck" by a planetarium show

Last night at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, I had the pleasure of chatting on stage with Neil deGrasse Tyson about what inspired him to become a scientist. He told a packed crowd about how he fell in love with the stars — in the Hayden Planetarium that he now runs. Here's a video of Tyson… »7/20/12 12:33pm7/20/12 12:33pm

How Improbable Research's Marc Abrahams Finds the Humor in Science

In 2008, a team of Japanese researchers developed a way to extract vanilla flavoring from cow dung. In 2003, scientists at the Cornell Food Lab investigated the limits of human appetites, by feeding people with self-refilling, bottomless bowls of soup. And in 2010, investigators from the Zoological Society of London… »7/18/12 7:40pm7/18/12 7:40pm

Nick Denton is here to talk about how Isaac Asimov's Foundation novels inspired him

Most people know Nick Denton as the founder of io9's parent company, Gawker Media. Today he's a notorious media entrepreneur, but his inspiration began with science fiction. My first conversation with him was about the Syfy series Battlestar Galactica. Later, he revealed that he'd read Isaac Asimov's celebrated… »7/17/12 3:00pm7/17/12 3:00pm

How An Alien Invasion Inspired Kevin J. Anderson to Start Writing Science Fiction

Kevin J. Anderson is the prolific author of over one hundred novels — 47 of which have appeared on national or international bestseller lists. He has over 20 million books in print and has won numerous prestigious awards, including the Nebula, SFX Reader's Choice, and New York Times Notable Book. Anderson has also… »7/16/12 5:40pm7/16/12 5:40pm

The Surprising Novel That Got Kim Stanley Robinson Interested in Science Fiction

Kim Stanley Robinson is a legend of science fiction. He's best known as the author of the Hugo-winning Mars series (Red Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars), the Three Californias trilogy, and alternate history novel The Years of Rice and Salt. This year he published one of his masterworks, the novel 2312, about what… »7/13/12 7:02pm7/13/12 7:02pm

How Growing Up in Oklahoma Got Daniel Wilson Excited About Robots

Former roboticist Daniel Wilson made a huge splash several years ago with his non fiction book How to Survive a Robot Uprising, and then set his optical implants on writing fiction. His debut novel Robopocalypse was a huge bestseller, and is set to become a Steven Spielberg flick. And now he's got a new novel out, … »7/12/12 3:51pm7/12/12 3:51pm