What if Where's Waldo went on a killing spree? Behold, Where's Jason!

To celebrate the passing of another Friday the 13th, the folks over at Stange Kids Club commissioned this hilarious wallpaper from illustrator Glen Brogan. We kind of love where their minds are at, now someone please make a horror book with a collection villains like Where's Jason?, Where's Freddy?, Where's Michael?,… » 4/19/12 7:40am 4/19/12 7:40am

What if Where's Waldo was a high-tech espionage thriller?

Given that we live in a world where Battleship is going to the multiplex, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that someone's imagined a mature audiences Where's Waldo flick. The best moments are the sniper sequence and the guest spot by The Waldog (or whatever the hell he's called). » 9/14/11 4:05pm 9/14/11 4:05pm