The Galactic Empire Responds to the White House's Response to the Death …

Four days ago, President Obama shot down the dreams of the American people and told them in no uncertain terms that he would not be building a Death Star, despite the online petition with a whole 25,000 signatures politely requesting him to do so. Now, the Galactic Empire has given their response to the White House's… » 1/15/13 12:20pm 1/15/13 12:20pm

In an alternate reality, this pyramid is the Lincoln Memorial

The ziggurat you're looking at is John Russell Pope's 1912 design for the Lincoln Memorial. This design and plans for other kooky alternate history monuments are currently on display at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC. Check out parallel universe versions of the Capitol, the White House, and other… » 11/30/11 2:30pm 11/30/11 2:30pm