Fungal infection could wipe out some species of bats completely

Nearly six years after the discovery of a catastrophic fungal infection that's decimating bat populations in the U.S. and Canada, scientists have concluded that the disease is primarily transmitted by highly social bats. But just because scientists have a better handle on how bats spread the disease doesn't mean… »7/03/12 8:00pm7/03/12 8:00pm

Mysterious "white nose syndrome" is demolishing bat populations in the Northeast

It's been just five years since the deadly fungus was first identified in a small population of New York bats. In that time, "white nose syndrome" has spread to 16 states and four Canadian provinces. Once infected, afflicted bats have been known to behave erratically, flying far from their nests, never to be seen… »1/18/12 1:40pm1/18/12 1:40pm