Last Night's Lost Was Cheesy — And That's A Good Thing

Let's face it, if the big mythology episode of Lost hadn't been cheesy as all get-out, you'd have been disappointed. It's about time this show let its true over-the-top colors fly. But exactly whose fall from grace did we witness? » 5/12/10 3:05am 5/12/10 3:05am

Richard Alpert's Still A Slave, Man

Tonight we learned the story of Richard Alpert, Lost's most enigmatic character. And it turns out that Richard's arrival on the island was something of a turning point for everyone concerned. But what did it mean? Spoilers ahead... » 3/24/10 1:32am 3/24/10 1:32am

They've Defrosted Jean-Claude Van Damme For "Universal Soldier:…

Everybody loves a supersoldier, especially when he's played by kickboxing master Van Damme. Now he's returning to his iconic role, to fight another supersoldier - in the ruins of Chernobyl! With Dolph Lundgren! » 2/01/10 5:00pm 2/01/10 5:00pm

The Aztec UFO Crash That Was Bigger (and More Classified) Than Roswell

Enough with the fake documentary Fourth Kind - we've got some alien evidence from real documentary Lies & Deception. Apparently there was a UFO crash in the 1940s that put Roswell to shame. At last you can hear about it! » 11/04/09 5:25pm 11/04/09 5:25pm

The Ultimate Treasure Trove of Human-Alien Love

If you can't get enough of the scene in Galaxy of Terror » 11/13/08 11:53am 11/13/08 11:53am where that lady does , then we've got a serious treat for you. There's an entire fan community out there devoted to recreating the wonders of wormly ravishment, and they've stashed a bunch of their creations at a site featuring GOT girls — you know, Galaxy of…