Crowdfund A Robot Insurgency Film From The Writers Of Feast

The writers of Project Greenlight's Feast have written a screenplay about a robot insurgency—and the team needs your help bringing the film to life. You can also help fund some wonderful comics, a Mouse Guard board game, and a documentary about working visual artists. » 8/01/14 2:56pm 8/01/14 2:56pm

Webcomic Widdershins is home to treasure hunters, magical…

The industrial revolution is upon us. In many of England's cities, machines are replacing magic as the primary tool of convenience. But in the city of Widdershins, magic is still in great supply. And it's a very strange place for a seer of spirits, a pipe smoking female treasure hunter, and a stage magician afflicted… » 7/28/12 8:30am 7/28/12 8:30am